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Syntex and Syva employees have saved numerous logo items as souvenirs and mementos. Photos of many of these items have been taken and are available for viewing in an album at the Shutterfly Web site. Hopefully, they will bring back memories and experiences from the good old days.

Click here to connect to the album. You will be sent to the Shutterfly Web site to view the photos. You don't need to register to view this site.

Click on the 'View Album' to open the album.
Then you have choices of how to view the photos.
ºClick on the 'Album View' to see thumbnails. To expand the view, double-click on the photo of interest which opens the Detail View.
ºOr you may click the 'Detail View' to view individual photos directly. There you may also arrow through the thumbnails at the bottom.
ºAlso you may click on 'Play Slideshow' to launch as a slideshow.

When you've finished your walk down memory lane, you can return from Shutterfly to the SSAA Web site by using the Back button or View/Go To buttons on your Web browser.

Nathaniel Lim has compiled photos of his Syntex memorabilia collection and has shared them with us. Click here to connect to the album of his photos.

Anyone wishing to share pictures of other logo items, please e-mail them to as jpg or gif attachments and they will be added to the album. If you have a large number of photos or need to have digital photos taken of your memorabilia, please e-mail to make arrangements.