Labs Building Demolition
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Going, going, gone. by Terence Ainscow.

Several former Syntex buildings on the Palo Alto triangle, totaling 323,600 square feet of floor space, have been demolished!
P-1 (the first Production building) completed in September 1966, P-2 completed in September 1971, the Production Administration/QC expansion and the Labs Administration building both completed in February 1982, the Labs Administration building expansion completed in November 1987, and P-3 completed in November 1988, have all been torn down in order to make way for a new 460,000 square foot campus that EMC Corporation is planning for its subsidiary, VMWare.

The construction permit issued to VMWare for new office buildings at 3401 Hillview Avenue listed a cost of $16,108,495.

Click here for a pdf slide show by Yeong Ho of photos taken in March 2006.

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Click here for a jpg photo by Jo Shen taken in February 2006.

Labs Demolition Photos

Stephanie Bolzowski took a series of photos of the Labs Production and Administration buildings in September 2005, early March 2006 and late March 2006. Bill Taylor took several photos in mid April 2006. Click here for a link to the Shutterfly album of those photos.

This link to a map shows the current VMWare campus on the former Syntex site. VMWare is part of Dell as of Dell's aquisition of EMC in 2016.

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