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Membership FAQs

Q: Who can become a member of the Syntex Syva Alumni Association, the SSAA?
A: Membership is open to ex-employees from any Syntex/Syva entity. Complete the form to become a member. For more information click here to send an e-mail to

Q: Why join the SSAA?
A: The SSAA is a social organization created to promote fellowship among former Syntex/Syva employees. Enjoy the company of former colleagues at the summer picinic and winter reunion. Keep up on what people are doing through the Newsletter and stay in touch by using contact information in the Directory. See the about SSAA page for more information.

Q: Are there other organizations for ex-Syntex/Syva employees?
A: The SSAA is the only association organized for all ex-employees of Syntex/Syva. However, there are several groups of friends or those from various departments who socialize together. Those groups are not divisions of SSAA, although the individuals may be members of SSAA. Currently, the SSAA has no subdivisions or sections for specific groups.
LinkedIn, Yahoo!Groups or other Internet sites may have a Syntex or Syva section but these are not connected with SSAA.

Q: Does the SSAA have any connection to the Roche company?
A: No. The SSAA has no connection to the Roche company or to the Roche Retirees' Club. Current or former Roche employees who were former Syntex/Syva employees are eligible to join the SSAA. However, membership in the Roche Retirees' Club provides no membership in the SSAA and vice versa.

Q: Does the SSAA perform employee relations functions?
A: No, the by-laws of the SSAA limit the association to activities that promote fellowship among former Syntex/Syva employees. The SSAA is independent and has no connection to any subsequent company beyond Syntex/Syva.

Q: I'm a member. How can I tell if I've already paid my current dues?
A: Look at the mailing label on your Newsletter envelope. If the number that appears by your name matches this year, then you've paid. If not, use the form to renew your membership. For lifetime members, the number will be 2040. If you do not have the envelope, send an e-mail with your name to

Q: How many members are in SSAA?
A: Approximately 450. The majority are the in the San Francisco Bay Area but members are spread nation-wide and even a few are world-wide.

Q: Is the association pretty much just for retired people?
A: No, many association members are currently employed (a few are still at Roche), or are consultants. Some are seeking employment. Others are retired. Thus, association membership and events can serve as networking opportunities, as well as social interactions.

Q: Who runs the SSAA?
A: The SSAA is run by a Board of Directors composed of volunteers from the general membership. Click here to see a list of the current directors.

Q: Can I volunteer to be on the SSAA Board?
A: Yes. There are approximately ten directors, who are volunteers from the general membership. Directors typically serve for a few years and then new directors are appointed. Any member who is interested in serving on the Board, please send an e-mail to

Q: What was the Southwest Region organization?
A: Click here to read Dick Haskitt's explanation of the former Southwest Region.

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Activity FAQs

Q: What activities does SSAA organize?
A: The summer picnic and the winter reunion/general meeting are the main activities. Other activities may be arranged based upon member interest. Historically, there have been tours, such as the Fremont auto plant, Stanford Linear Accelerator, and Hiller Aviation Museum. There have also been Brown Bag lunch presentations on topics such as investments and Roche drug status.

Q: Can I bring relatives or friends to SSAA activities?
A: Yes, members may bring their family or guests, as long as they pay the event fee for each person attending.

Q: What turnout do you get for the main activities?
A: The summer picnic and the winter general meeting each have attendance of over 100 people. Recently, there has been a tremendous turnout for the picnic with over 200 members attending.

Q: How can I make a suggestion regarding activities?
A: The SSAA board wants to hear members' comments. Also, we would encourage any member to host an activity of interest. Please send an e-mail to

Q: I'm an ex-Syntex or Syva employee but not an SSAA member. Can I attend an activity?
A: Yes. Complete and send in the event flyer and payment. Once you meet your Syntex/Syva friends, we're sure that you will want to join the SSAA.

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Website FAQs

Q: Who built this website?
A: This website has been designed, built and is maintained by a volunteer. It will change based upon the needs and comments of the members of the association.

Q: How can I suggest an addition or change to the website?
A: Send any suggestions for improvement, for content changes, for additional pages that you'd like included or other comments to

Q: Can I send my membership or event entry online?
A: No, currently, this site is read only and does not have interactive pages, except for e-mail. Also, we cannot process credit cards or debit cards.

Q: Regarding confidentiality, is any of my personal information shared or distributed?
A: The SSAA respects member confidentiality. No personal member information is shared outside of other current members. The Membership Directory is paper copy and sent to SSAA members. Members can request to not have their information listed in the Directory. The Newsletter is paper copy or sent as a pdf file to members who have agreed to receive an electronic copy. The SSAA Web site has a password-protected members-only section and the Directory pdf file and pdf files of all issues of the Newsletter can be accessed there.

Q: Why is the site named rather than the much simpler SSAA?
A: The official name of the organization is the Syntex Syva Alumni Association. The acronym SSAA is used in this site and in other text for simplicity. However, the acronym is also in use by other non-related groups, such as soccer and shooting clubs, and, therefore, only the full name is specific to us.

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