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Syntex Syva Summer Picnic

*The 2024 SSAA Annual Picnic will be held at Cuesta Park
on Thursday August 15 from 4 - 8 p.m.

Please put the date on your calendars and plan to attend.
Check back later for the flier and entry form.


Syntex Syva ARGM

*The 2024 SSAA Annual Reunion and General Meeting
was held at Michael's at Shoreline on Saturday February 3.

There were 61 members attending and catching up with former colleagues. This was a very successful turnout.
The Michaels buffet and beverages were enjoyed as always.
Our Guest Speaker was Tom Gutshall and his subject, Syntex/Syva Diaspora Post Roche Acquisition was very interesting and well received.

Click here for the ARGM photos, courtesy of Bonnie, Dave, Bill and Vel.

Thanks to all of you for your continuing membership and for keeping the spirit of Syntex/Syva alive for so many years.

The SSAA is not a source for Roche Benefits information. For member convenience the SSAA does present a list of Benefits contacts on the Useful Links page of this website, including for Alight and OptumRx.
If we hear of any updates to the benefits plan, we will post them here.
Your primary source for Benefits information is Alight Solutions, the plan administrator.

*New*Delta Dental

The dental plan provider transitioned from Delta Dental of New Jersey to Delta Dental of California. The information sent by Roche in their mailer describing a change in the dental plan provider, as of January 1, 2024, is provided in a pdf file here.
Please contact Alight Solutions for specific questions.

Alight Solutions

The Roche consolidated retirement plan changed administrators as of September 1, 2020. The information sent by Roche in their mailer describing the transition to Alight Solutions as the pension and post-employment healthcare administrator is provided in a pdf file here.
Please contact Alight Solutions for any questions regarding your current benefits.


The Roche drug prescription plan provider for non-Kaiser members transitioned from CVS to OptumRx. The information sent by Roche in their mailer describing a change in the branded versus generic drug benefits, as of January 1, 2020, is provided in a pdf file here.
Please contact OptumRx for specific questions as necessary.

The SSAA needs your help!
1) We are frequently surprised to hear from former Syntex/Syva employees that they have never heard of the SSAA or believe that it is just for retirees (it's for all former employees). The only means we have to 'advertise' is through word of mouth. Please forward our web address,, to ex-Syntexers/Syvas whom you know to inform them of the organization and our activities. Also, if you are attending the picnic or the ARGM, please tell others about the event.

2) The Newsletter and the Members Section contain obituaries of departed Syntex/Syva colleages. If you hear of a colleague who has passed, please send an e-mail: so that we can add that information to our listing.

3)Additionally, if you are interested in serving on the SSAA Board, please e-mail SSAA.


The Board continues to meet using ZOOM online.

SSAA events, such as the winter ARGM and the summer picnic, will be held as is reasonable and consistent with current health guidelines.

Future Newsletters and Directories are planned to be published. Please send personal news including about how you have been coping with the post-Covid world.

Thank you for your continuing membership and participation, especially during the troubling Covid-19 times.

SSAA Zoom Board of Directors January Meeting      SSAA Zoom Board of Directors June Meeting

2024 New and Continuing SSAA Board of Directors Officers and Members:

Board Officers:
President: Velimir Kuftinec
Vice President: Larry Reynolds
Recording Secretary: Mary Mulkins
Corresponding Secretary: Bonnie Wagner
Treasurer and Membership:

Board Members:
Jackie Brown, Linval DePass, David Ellis, Kim Graham, Tom Moran, Ann Olmsted (Newsletter Creator), Rick Salazar (Memorabilia Chair), Kent Stormer, Bill Taylor (webmaster & photographer).

We welcome Ann Olmsted as our new Board Member.
In addition to joining the Board of Directors, Ann has agreed to be the Newsletter Creator/Editor. She will work with Bonnie Wagner to transition into that position.
We thank Bonnie and Phil Wagner who have created the recent Newsletters in addition to their other Board duties.

Syntex Syva Alumni Logo

Additional sections of this site:

About SSAA

SSAA Archives

Employee Memorials



Science History Institute

In Memoriam obituaries are located in the Members Only Section.

Syntex Syva Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1857
Los Altos, CA 94023-1857

Members Only Section

Members Only Section: Click here
(Membership is open to ex-employees from any Syntex/Syva entity.)

ID and Password required, both case-sensitive.

This is a private, members only section. It contains a Members page that provides various information including links to the SSAA Newsletters page and Membership Directory page. The Newsletters page has all of the Newsletters, beginning with issue #1, presented in numerical order as pdf files. The Directory is a pdf file of member contact information in alphabetical order by last name.
Adobe Reader, or a similar PDF reader, is required to open and view the pdf files.

The ID and Password to access this private section are sent to all current SSAA members in each Newsletter. Please look for this information under Useful Information near the end of the Newsletter and save the ID and Password for continued access. If the ID or Password are lost, then contact
If a password change is determined to be necessary in the future, then members will be informed of the new password in the Newsletter prior to the change being made.
To maintain member privacy, please donít share this information, Directory or Newsletters with non-SSAA members.

Members ask how to know if they owe dues.
Look at the mailing label on your Newsletter or Directory envelope. The year through which dues have been paid will be in parentheses after your name. If the number that appears by your name matches the current year, then you've paid. If not, use the form to renew your membership. For lifetime members, the number on the envelope will be 2040.
If you do not have the Newsletter or Directory envelope, send an e-mail with your name to to inquire.
A remittance envelope and dues reminder is sent to those who owe in early January.

Science History Institute Logo

Science History Institute / Chemical Heritage Foundation / Life Sciences Foundation

The focus of the Life Sciences Foundation was to tell the story of Biotechnology. The SSAA collected Syntex memorabilia and the Life Sciences Foundation agreed to archive it as a historical collection and for publications.

In October 2015 the Life Sciences Foundation merged with the Chemical Heritage Foundation. Their statement: "CHF continues to collect, preserve, and exhibit historical artifacts; engage communities of scientists and engineers; and tell the stories of the people behind breakthroughs and innovations".
As part of this merger the Chemical Heritage Foundation became the Science History Institute in February 2018. They cover the history of the life sciences and biotechnology together with the history of the chemical sciences and engineering. Their website is here.
The SSAA continues to work with the Institute on preserving the history of Syntex/Syva.

The Institute has an interesting series of films titled Scientists You Must Know.
One segment is about George Rosenkranz that can be viewed at this link.
Another segment is about Carl Djerassi.
There is also a segment about Larry Knox, an Afican-American with a PhD in organic chemistry from Harvard University. In the late 1950's Larry took a position with Laboratorios Syntex S.A. in Mexico City. From 1960 to 1965 he coauthored 10 papers and was awarded over 40 patents related to steroid chemistry.
Also, a keyword search of 'Syntex' gives several other interesting articles.

Laszlo Tokes, a scientist with a long career at Syntex, has written an article that will be of interest to the general SSAA membership. Although the article has sections that are oriented to scientific specialists (just skip those), there are several sections that capture engaging aspects of Syntex history.

The Board wants to know if SSAA members want another activity.

Please click here to send us an e-mail and tell us of an activity that would be of interest to you and whether you would volunteer to be the activity leader.

Possibilities include, but are not limited to: *VMWare tour; *Filoli Gardens Tour; *Golf Tournament; *Rosie the Riveter Museum; *Asian Art Museum; *Casino Bus Trip; *Wine Country; *Treasure Island; *Symphony/concert; *Monterey Bay Aquarium; *Financial Planning seminar; *Biotech lecture; *USS Hornet.

Please direct website comments to

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